Hello and welcome to Patchwork Moose!
My name is Kate E Hancock and I design amigurumi (or, cute crochet creatures) because I adore them and haven't yet been able to stop. I tweak them, name them, photograph them, make up back stories for them and when I've finished playing, I create crochet pattern instructions for them, so that you can enjoy them as much as I do.

Where did it all start?

When I was a child my bed was full of stuffed toys with barely enough room for me. They all had a name, a personality and a place to be, tucked in each night. When I look back now, I have to wonder if it all started there.

I stumbled across amigurumi (or cute crocheted or knitted characters) when I joined a knitting group in my library. I was looking for inspiration and a place to start when I discovered a book for these adorable crocheted creatures.... and I fell instantly in love. I knew that I had to learn how to make them for myself, so I learnt to crochet instead.

As my amigurumi collection grew alarmingly along with my passion for them, I started designing my own animals and creating the patterns along with them too. As I found others with the same love for them, Patchwork Moose was born. Today, it’s been over seven years since I started designing ami’s and turning a length of yarn into a cuddly animal is still completely magical to me.

Why the enthusiasm for amigurumi?

I think it's because they are made with so much love and every one you make is different, with a character all of its own. You can't really make them wrong, any mistakes just add to their personality and being handmade you can tell somebody cared about making them, and it shows, a slightly wonky nose or an arm longer that the other just makes them more appealing.

What should you expect from my patterns?

All my patterns are thoroughly tested before publication. My patterns are easy to follow, with plenty of photos or diagrams for any tricky bits and you will always be welcome to contact me for any extra help. Have a look at my free patterns here.

I have had the privilege of designing for several UK and European magazines and you can also find a few of my designs published in the Zoomigurumi 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 books, Amigurumi Animals at work, Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals book and Unicorns, Dragons and other Fantasy Amigurumi

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  1. Please can you help I’m making Claude the octopus from a saved written magazine copy but didn’t save the chart needed to carry on with tentacles x