Claude the Octopus Crochet Pattern PDF

Claude the Octopus lives in a large cave under the sea, where he tends his award winning sea garden. On weekends he hunts high and low for new star fish to add to his collection. He’s sure he’d have the biggest collection around, if his samples didn’t keep wandering off...…

Claude is rather large, his head measures about 9 inches / 23 cm in height and he spans 45 inches/ 115 cm across, from tentacle tip to tip using an Aran weight yarn. However, he can be made from any weight yarn and appropriate hook for different sizes. This is not a pattern for beginners, but it is an easy pattern to follow with plenty of photos for the tricky bits, and if you run in to any problems you will always be welcome to contact me for any extra help. This pattern is available in US and UK Terminology and you will receive a download link to both files.

This is an Advanced skilled pattern as stitches required include:
• Slip Stitch
• Chain Stitch
• Double Crochet (UK) Single Crochet (US)
• Half Treble Crochet (UK) Half Double Crochet (US)
• Treble Crochet (UK) Double Crochet (US)
• Increasing
• Decreasing
• Treble Cluster (UK) Double Cluster (US) This stitch is explained in the pattern

Materials needed:
• 300g/450m of Aran weight yarn in Main Colour (I used Light Blue)
• 150g/225m of Aran weight yarn in Contrast Colour 1 (I used White)
• 60g/90m of Aran weight yarn in Contrast Colour 2 (I used Orange)
• 60g/90m of Aran weight yarn in Contrast Colour 3 (I used Dark Blue)
• 4mm (G) crochet hook
• 2 x safety eyes (I used 24mm)
• Toy filling
• Yarn needle
• Stitch markers


  1. Hello, I am making Claude the Octopus and I am stuck. I have crocheting for 30 years but the tentacle flaps are confusing, I have made the 4 times now and it is not working, please help.

  2. How do I get the full pattern???

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  4. I am having difficulty understanding how to attach the tentacle flaps to the top and bottom of the tentacle with single crochet. Do you have any tutorial videos I can watch please? Thanks

  5. Thanks for a wonderful share. Your article has proved your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Brilliant .i love it reading. merinoull garn

  6. Where is the actual pattern available from please?

  7. Hi. I'm making the octopus now. How tight do you recommend stuffing it please? I'm using a yarn that's working up quite stiff (double strand acrylic DK). Thank you!

  8. I would love Claude The Octopus pattern please. Love your work