New Pattern Release! Stanley the Sabre-tooth Tiger Crochet Pattern PDF

Stanley loves nature, collects feathers, chases butterflies and can’t wait to grow up and join his mum working in the museum. It’s his absolute favourite place to be. He’s been studying the new bald creatures he finds trying to walk on two legs. He’s pretty sure with a bit more work, he might be able to teach them to draw.

Stanley is a good cuddle size, he measures about 8 inches sitting in a DK yarn, but he can be made from any weight yarn and appropriate hook for different sizes. The pattern contains instructions for both a jointed tiger and a tiger with fixed arms and legs. This is an Advanced skilled pattern, but it is an easy pattern to follow with plenty of photos to help with tricky bits, and if you run into any problems you will always be welcome to contact me for any extra help. This pattern is available in US and UK Terminology and you will receive a download link to both files.

This is an Advanced skilled pattern as stitches required include:
• Slip Stitch
• Chain Stitch
• Double Crochet (UK) Single Crochet (US)
• Half Treble Crochet (UK) Half Double Crochet (US)
• Treble Crochet (UK) Double Crochet (US)
• Increasing
• Decreasing
• Treble Cluster (UK) Double Cluster (US) This stitch is explained in the pattern

Materials needed:
• 60g/138m of DK weight yarn in Main Colour (Yarn A) - I used Gold
(Please note, you may need more yarn for all colours if you are using Aran or Worsted weight yarns)
• 30g/69m of DK weight yarn in Contrast Colour 1 (Yarn B) - I used White
• 20g/46m of DK weight yarn in Contrast Colour 2 (Yarn C) - I used Dark Brown
• 10g/23m of DK weight yarn in Contrast Colour 3 (Yarn D) - I used Black
• Small amount of Sport weight/4 ply weight yarn in white for fangs
• 3.5mm (E) crochet hook
• 3mm crochet hook
• 2.5mm hook
• Small amount of black and white yarn (for crochet eyes option) or
• 2 x safety eyes (I use 20mm)
• Toy filling
• Yarn needle
• Stitch marker