Tilda and Earl need your vote!

Introducing my newest design Tilda and Earl the nine banded armadillos!

Tilda and Earl were designed for this years Amigurumipatterns.net 'Adult and Baby' Design Competition. Voting for the competition is open now and I'd really appreciate your support, but I completely understand if you get sidetracked by all the cuties there! Cast your vote at: http://www.amigurumipatterns.net/designcontest/vote

 Tilda and Earl are nine banded armadillos. They spend their days curled up and snoozing in their burrow and their evenings slurping up the bugs like noodles. Their favourite pastimes include hide and seek in the undergrowth and making mud pies.


  1. This is so very sweet! Don´t know the animal, but anyway!

  2. Finally it's safe to touch a 9 banded armadillo without gloves. Please tell me you have written a pattern for these little cuties...

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